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Fantastic Flame Screensaver,
Heart On Fire Screensaver,
Fire Heart Desktop Gadget:
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Fantastic Flame ScreensaverPopular Screensaver

Screensaver Thumbnail

See how your desktop blazes being eaten by hungry fire tongues!

Heart On Fire
New Screensaver

Screensaver Thumbnail

Burning heart isn't a metaphor anymore! A true symbol of love's flaming at your desktop.

Fire Heart
Desktop Gadget
New Screen saver

Software Thumbnail

A symbol of sincere love is on fire at your desktop.

Free Fire
Free Screensaver

Free Screensaver Screenshot

Watch your desktop wallpaper catches fire and realistically burn!

User Opinions:

"Better than I thought! Very realistic and magnetic effect, I was surprised. It looks like real fire and it is sensitive to my desktop contents unlike any other such screensavers. Nice sound and music. Good, very good."


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